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Use Linux instead of XP for novice

By marykmusic ·
Hi, I'm trying to go to Linux OS and need to know the easiest way to start using it. I'm not in business but just want to get away from Microsoft. Just a simple desktop operating system would be fine.
I do use media players & other entertainment software a lot, and email, online banking, and research.

Would appreciate any help. Thank you, Mary

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depends on the hardware....

by ---TK--- In reply to Use Linux instead of XP f ...

I would normally say, go with the latest and greatest Ubuntu. But I am not impressed with the latest and greatest. I would suggest Using Ubuntu 8.10 or 9.04.. Probably 9.04, its a little quicker than 8.10.

Email client comes pre-installed, so all you do is have to set it up. The brower will be firefox3, which is will suite your needs just fine. Eventually you will have to install flash, which it will prompt you... pretty easy to figure it out.

For Media Players, I always recommend using vlc... you can search for it in the add/remove programs or go into a terminal and type "sudo apt-get install -y vlc" (no quotes)... enter your passwd and your good to go.

Best of luck! Any more Q's feel free to post up!

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Re: Linix not XP - Firefox

by marykmusic In reply to depends on the hardware.. ...

I don't like FireFox because, after using it awhile, it's very complicated to find answers for the tweaks I like. So I also don't like FireFox's email ThunderBird. I do like Opera, but haven't used others as much. Anything instead of FireFox would be nice.

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You can install Opera.

by seanferd In reply to Re: Linix not XP - Firefo ...

It is made for Linux as well.

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My advice

by jck In reply to Use Linux instead of XP f ...

Would be something like Kubuntu.

I'd say, if you have the resources, to go buy a really cheap PC from like Dell Outlet or Dell Financial Services for $200-300, and install Kubuntu over the top of Windows.

Then, get:

Firefox for web browsing
Thunderbird for email
Amarok (I think) is the media player

Get used to using them. And, slowly look for any high-end apps you might need.

Good luck with that. I hope you find your way to the Linux world successfully :)

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Try before you decide

by dldorrance In reply to Use Linux instead of XP f ...

The linux versions mentioned above, plus my personal favorite, pclinoxos, can be downloaded free and transferred to CD's and run as bootable Live CD's.

As a Linux novice, I tried the versions mentioned and settled on pclinox, as it feels to me to be relatively similar to Windows and I don't yet know much Linux command line code.

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Another possibility...

by jeslurkin In reply to Try before you decide

...might be Portable Ubuntu, which allows one to run it as an app on WXP.

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Re: Linux instead of XP

by marykmusic In reply to Try before you decide

I'm going to try pclinoxos, and did learn about Live CD's. I sure appreciate the help ya'll have given. Thanks much, Mary

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Linus - Do I have to learn DOS?

by marykmusic In reply to Use Linux instead of XP f ...

I forgot to ask after reading some of the commands I may need to put in, is will I have to learn dos? I hope not!

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Well, it isn't DOS.

by seanferd In reply to Linus - Do I have to lear ...

As DOS is a Disk Operating System. The was MS DOS and others, but Linux/Unix never has a "DOS" per se. You may have to enter a few commands at a command line, but you won't have to learn all the CLI commands. Anything you might have to do will likely be spelled out for you, especially with the "friendly" distros like *ubuntu or PCLinuxOS.

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Mary, if you're still reading this - 'Linux Distribution Chooser'

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Use Linux instead of XP f ...

There's a web site that offers a short, multiple-choice survey and then recommends a a few Linux distributions based on your answers. If I recall, it also offers links to download or order the recommended distros.

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