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    use of current HD as portable…


    by sho4go ·

    I am setting up a new computer for someone else and I need to save some data from their old computer’s HD. If I purchase an external HD case, is it reasonable to believe that I can install the old HD in the case and retrieve the desired data via USB connection? I’ve not used an external case/drive before, but I think I will make use of this tech in the future.

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      Yes you can

      by cloudedyoda ·

      In reply to use of current HD as portable…

      It works. But this is the last thing I would recommend as hard disks are not meant to be taken out of the case and carried around.

      From my experience, there are 1000 possible reasons why the hard disk will turn faulty after you try to use it as a portable version. You could accidentally knock it or even drop it. It may sound stupid but when you get too comfortable with it careless mistakes will occur.

      However if your aim is to restore data that are too big for a USB thumb drive (highest 1GB capacity), that is the cheapest option available.

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