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Use of IPConfig /release

By tom.morris ·
I have some Windows NT 4.0 clients who are in an NT Domain that employs a custom subnet mask.

The combination of custom subnet mask and being NT 4.0 WS has proven to be troublesome for these users when the dial in to our UUNET VPN.

Basically, the client ends up with 2 "all zero's default routes" (1 for the NIC card and 1 for the RAS adapter) in the local routing table. This presents a problem that requires the user to do n "IPConfig /release of the NIC card entry. With the NIC Card "all zero's" route deleted, the VPN connectivity is fine.

QUESTION: Is there ANY way for a user to use the IPConfig /release command WITHOUT having admin authority? I think not, but I'd like confirmation.


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Use of IPConfig /release

by themain In reply to Use of IPConfig /release

No guarantees due to no experience with UUNET
but ...
1.Do you have a dedicated pool of ip addresses for the VPN ?
2.i suggest installing dhcp on the clients
3.By use of dhcp on nt 4.0 workstation in a VPN, logging to novell, and the stationsdo NOT have admin level loggins. currently the ip addresses are renewed automatically each day. about 75 stations come up together in one room.
4.running ipconfig /release then
ipconfig /renew is unnecessary.
this is probably missing akey point, so i hope it points you in the direction to sucess

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