Use of snap servers as a network server

By j.uddin ·
Does your company use one or more snap servers as your network server? How do you back up your data in this configuration?

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I've used them.

by bart777 In reply to Use of snap servers as a ...

I used the devices in a couple of situations.

In both cases I just used NTBackup to pull the data to tape or USB device. BackupExec has a plugin for these devices but I haven't used that yet. Both instances were mid sized engineering firm.

Best of luck.

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Veritas NetBackup

by robo_dev In reply to I've used them.

They're just like any other server.

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How configured?

by j.uddin In reply to I've used them.

Were they used as the primary data storage device on your company's network or were they in conjunction with a small business server? Thanks.

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by bart777 In reply to How configured?

1 company used the device to store all of the CAD drawings and general file storage.

The other firm just used it as more of an overgrown backup device. There was some file storage there but I could never convince them to move the bulk of their drawing files to the SNAP.

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by j.uddin In reply to Both

From your experience, do you see any problem with all data files being stored on a SNAP server like that? IF so what would your preferred setup be?

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I don't see any problems with it.

by bart777 In reply to Problem

Obviously you want to make sure you have a solid backup strategy but the device is a large RAID array that is fully AD integrated. If you get one of the more advanced versions you will also have the full snapshot recovery tool so that you can recover files from a point in time without havint to pull a tape. If you have this kind of setup the tapes would only ever be used in the event of a catastophe or a file that had been deleted so long ago that no one can tell you when they last saw it.

NAS devices are great tools. They do exactly what they are designed to do and relieve the servers need to process these requests so that it can do other tasks like DNS, AD, etc.

Personally I think they are wonderful devices with good support.

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