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    Use OWA as a forum


    by pcorneillie ·

    We would like to use a set of public folders in Exchange 2003 as a forum. Like this, there is no need to install special software and create links for authentication etc. All our students could (approx 500) use OWA to read their e-mail and can use OWA also to work in the forum.
    Some modifications would be necessary however
    – change the display of the folder by default by topic/converstation
    – make the default reply the post in this folder and not via e-mail

    Is there an easy way to do this?
    If not, are there any good alternatives


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      Reply To: Use OWA as a forum

      by bschaettle ·

      In reply to Use OWA as a forum

      You’re trying to re-invent Usenet. I would set up a newsgroup on a local server and install Outlook Express to use as a news reader.

      Another possibility is to set up a forum on a local web server using FrontPage — I believe it has some tools that make this somewhat straightforward.

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        Reply To: Use OWA as a forum

        by pcorneillie ·

        In reply to Reply To: Use OWA as a forum

        This is not really what we want to do. We want just ONE interface for e-mail and forum for all our 300 students with light moderation.
        The only thing we need is to adjust the display fashion of some public folders and limit some possibilities (i.e. no reply via e-mail but only post to this folder).
        Discussiongroups in FrontPage with TeamSites (which I presume you are refering to) are not an option as this is to considered a second application but e-mail.

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