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Used ,offlease or refurbished Pcs

By emmyk3 ·
Hullo members ,

i would like to buy used computers(pentium 3s(PIIIs) and above)at a good price.

Where can i buy them ? Or Does any of the members have used computers they are selling at a good rate .I would like to startup a small computer school with around 30 pcs(P III 700mhz and above)

will be very glad when you guys respond .

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by Kipperw In reply to Used ,offlease or refurbi ...

Here is a place that sells used enterprise equipment on a bi-weekly basis auction. http://www.idleassetauctions.com

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by TheChas In reply to Used ,offlease or refurbi ...

Check for computer recyclers in your area.

One in my area is:


You can often purchase in pallet lots of similar hardware.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Used ,offlease or refurbi ...

Most ex Government computers are sold at Auction so it wouldn't hurt to have a look at the Auction Houses in your area.

That will be the cheapest way to get the hardware but none of it will come with any software and if done properly the drives will appear blank as they should use a high grade wiping utility to permanently erase all of the data on the drive.

Well not quit permanently as Forensic Recovery is always possible but I don't think that is something that you would be interested in as it involves the destruction of the HDD's and the reading directly off the platters after they have been suitably treated. In this way every layer of data that has been recorded on the drive can be recovered but it is Horrendously expensive and as I've already said you destroy the drives as well.


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by JamesRL In reply to Used ,offlease or refurbi ...

There are retaillers who specialize in such things. While it may not be as rock bottom priced as you may get at an auction, the logistics might be better. In my area there are a couple of major ones - I bought my parents a computer from one of them for an amazing price.

I would suggest you look for the "corporate" grade computers, not the ones built for the home market. Corporate computers usually have better cases/power supplies/components. This is generally what comes available at these retaillers as they buy in bulk from companies who are renewing their PCs.

You will save yourself much headache if you can get 30 identical PCs. That way you can create a ghost image for them, and instead of troubleshooting issues, you can instead wipe the drive and restore from the ghost image. Trust me having taught in a similar situation, that was something that caused me much pain - students apparently feel they can risk doing anything and everything on a classroom computer.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Used ,offlease or refurbi ...

you mean you want to see if you can spend 30k instead of 60k? it looks like a lot but if you are really going for the scale of business that requires 30 computers it think used pc's not truly a savings...
anybody who has a bunch of off lease computers might put them on ebay...
computers are so deflationary i think this is a bad idea. but to try to help:
what about trading folks a class or two in exchange for their functioning older computer
do you have to have all 30 at once?
but to repeat myself, imho, this is bad idea. you going to spend so much more time getting computers all set...
i bet the deals on, say, refurb'd emachines (i get mine from www.buy.com in your case i would negotiate for qty price) gonna be not that much more than you'll find used. and the new refurbs will come ready to go. time equals money even if you are just scratching out a start, imho. especially then.
can you put together business plan and lease refurbs from Dell or some such?
Don't get into denial about the accounting by trying to just cheap out everything imho.
sorry so much soapbox

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by CompHelpNJ In reply to Used ,offlease or refurbi ...

Sorry about my late response, but I just came across your post. I got a great deal on a refurbished Dell computer - from Dell Financial Services http://www.dfsdirectsales.com. Actually, for even better deals, whatever DFS can't sell on their web site, they sell for even less on Ebay.

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Off-Lease Computers for Schools (and Libraries, Business...)

by bfedak In reply to Used ,offlease or refurbi ...

I would recommend you visit our website at:


We have been providing off-lease computers to schools for over 5 years (and new computers to schools for over 15). We work hard at cherry-picking the best deals available and buying in quantity to get the price as low as possible. We also offer extended warranties, academic licensing, system imaging and more.

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