User account error

By linh274 ·
Dear all,
I have problem with domain user.
EX: My account is: tomy
domain name is:; AD server is Windows server 2003
Pc name is:
when I logon to PC1 with tomy account, normaly my profile is tomy. However someday User profile automatic change to and there is not data here. Old profile still keep all data. Not only this account, but also some other account have same this problem.
What is problem that I have?
Could you help me please?

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This can be caused by

by IC-IT In reply to User account error

either a bad sector on the disk or a corrupt user profile.
Boot into Safe Mode
Open a cmd prompt
Type Chkdsk /R
You will be prompted with a message sililiar to " can not lock volumn now. Do you wish to run when the system starts again." Type Y and Enter.
Restart your system, let chkdsk run and try your profile again.

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User account error

by linh274 In reply to User account error

Thank so much, I will try

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