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By wesley.chin ·
There are 2 accounts on XP Home. One is Limited, the other Administrator. Software is installed while in the Administrator account. When logging into the Limited account, not every program that had been installed works. The program folders are viewable in Explorer, but still the actual program does not run, either using the credentials of the Limited account or the Administrator account. What's wrong?

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RE: User accounts

by Jacky Howe In reply to User accounts

Programs should have been installed via the limited User Account using Run As Administrator.

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by wesley.chin In reply to RE: User accounts

I tried that, but it did not work. The software still does not appear in the limited user account. My OS is XP Home.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to hm

wasn't installed for all users. Have a look at these tips.

How to access *Advance file Permissions* on NTFS file systems for XP Home simply by booting into *Safe Mode*, rt-clicking any file or folder, and navigating to the *Security tab*. This gives the user the ability to allow or deny read, write, execute, read & write, display contents, full-control, iheritance, and take ownership permissions, with many more options available to apply to different users and groups stored on the computer.

Well, you don't have to do this in *Safe Mode* (XP Home). Although it is a little less intuitive, you can simply go to your command prompt - Start>All Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt. Now type "cacls" in the window (without the quotes). This gives you the ability to add, remove or modify file permissions on files and folders through the command prompt. Type "cacls /?" for help on different options and variables. You do not need to be in safe mode to use this so it makes it a little quicker than using the safe mode security tab GUI.

Remember - this only applies to NTFS.

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