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By Olympiamandi ·
I want to make it to where when people want to access certain areas of my site, they need to have a valid user name and password to proceed. I also want to obviously set up a way for them to become a member so they can get access. I have looked all over for the info to do it, and all I found was confusing instructions and I wasn't sure if it was what I was looking for. Does it matter if I am using a free server site for my web page? Or should I still be able to limit visitors access? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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looking for the same info!

by cd101 In reply to User Authentication

I need to do the same thing for a client and I've never done it before for anyone else.

I'm trying to get help from my hosting company but I'm having lots of difficulty.

Another developer I consulted said he had lots of trouble with it.

Iwill continue to check here to see if anyone has given you any insight.

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how to secure pages

by Brent_D In reply to looking for the same info ...

There is a few ways to do this:
1)use windows authentication and set file permissions on the actual files or directory's, but this requires you to have pretty much full access to the server
2)Create a simple form authentication system, that has username,password and "user level" stored in a database. You validate the user and assign a user level to a session variable. You then add a check at "secured" pages to see if the user has access to this information. This is a simple solution IF you are only going to have one type of user. If you are going to have multiple levels this requires alot of planning and is not for the begginners

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