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User cannot change password

By Daygo_171 ·
I have an end-user running windows XP professional with the user profile being in the "users" group only. Although we have password expiration turned off for that user profile, once every 90 days the end-user must change her password for server (AS/400) authentication. When the end-user attempts to change the password on the local machine she gets the following error message:

"The user cannot change the password at this time"

I am able to change the password for that user profile when I log in locally as Admin. But the end user cannot. Any ideas?

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Group policy

by gralfus In reply to User cannot change passwo ...

Sounds like a group policy is set to cause this. I'm assuming you are running a domain.

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no domain

by Daygo_171 In reply to Group policy

there is no domain in use.........We run an A/S pc network is basically peer to peer

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Local User's Profile

by napolitano In reply to no domain

Have you checked the user's local profile settings (in control panel-> Users.) You can set password requirments and settings in there too. Give it a look. Post back..

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control panel parameters

by Daygo_171 In reply to Local User's Profile

There are no parameters under control panel -> users to stop a user from changing a password. The only place this is found is under "computer management" and "user cannot change password" is NOT checked. I am thinking that I may have a corrupt profile.

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Recreate user accounts

by napolitano In reply to User cannot change passwo ...

Also try deleting and recreating the user's account on the local machine (making sure to backup). It cound be a registry fluke.

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Could be the type of profile she has

by mr.williams1914 In reply to User cannot change passwo ...

See what happens when you change her into a power user.

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