User cannot rename files and folders on Network Drive

By anthony.hunt ·
One of my Users is unable to rename any files or folders on her networked Home drive(H:). She can however create and delete files and she can drag and drop files and folders. She also cannot use the "saveas" option in any office 2007 Application when working with files from her H: drive.

Here is the strange part. The name of her home drive folder is the same as her userid and if I, as system admin, rename it to something different then the problems go away. It also only happens on her laptop. If she logs in on another machine the problem is not there. I have checked all the permissions/ownership etc on the server and to her folders.

Users folders are on a Win2003 R2 standard server.
Laptop is XP Pro SP2 with all windows updates.

This one is going to drive me crazy...

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just a thought

by Sue T In reply to User cannot rename files ...

is the name of her computer the same as her userid and home folder?

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Userid and home folder are the same

by anthony.hunt In reply to just a thought

Hi Sue

Thanks for your reply.
Her computer name is different form her userid but her userid is the same name as her home drive folder. That is when she has the problem. As soon as I change the folder name to anything else then everything works.

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by i In reply to Userid and home folder ar ...

check for the program Embassy trust suite by wave systems - remove or disable it. should fix the issue

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Will try that

by anthony.hunt In reply to Solution

The Embassy Trust suite is installed on her laptop so I will try removing it to see if it fixes the problem, however the software is installe don all our laptops so why is only her laptop affected?

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Renaming Issues

by ebouza In reply to User cannot rename files ...

This has happened to me in the past and the only way I have been able to resolve the issue is to redo the profile from the computer that is giving the issue. You also might want to try disjoining her laptop from the domain and readding the laptop again to the domain.

Hope this helps you. Let me know.


Erick B

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I can try that.

by anthony.hunt In reply to Renaming Issues

Hi Erick

Thanks for your reply. I can certainly try that and will let you know if it works.
It would be nice though to know exactly why this has happened in the first place :-).


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Offline files

by davidburke84 In reply to User cannot rename files ...

Try disabling offline files, restart, and re-enable offline files. What's her home drive set to in AD?

\\server\users\%username%? Try renaming it to her username.

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I will try that

by anthony.hunt In reply to Offline files

hi David

Thanks for your reply. I will try that and let you know.

Her home drive is set to
\\server\home\%userid% If I change it to

\\server\home\abc for example then she has no problem. It only happens when the folder name is the same as her userid. Weird or what?
Also this has only recently started to happen so I wondered if it might have been a windows update but then why is it only happening on 1 machine to 1 user.


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exact same issue here

by jcurl In reply to I will try that

2 users both got new laptops this week. Home drives work fine when logged on to old machines. New machines they cannot rename files. I have disjoined/rejoined, renamed PCs, disabled/enabled user accounts, deleted user profile from new machines etc etc.

The only thing that worked is renaming the home directory (which I never would have thought of without finding this thread)

So far I have about 10 hours into this BS...

Anyone have any other ideas?

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thats the only thing I have found that works

by anthony.hunt In reply to exact same issue here

This has also cost me far too many hours but the only thing that works is to change the name of the folder. My worry is that if I dont find the answer then this is going to become a major problem if all my users home drive start messing up

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