user can't login to domain

By kcarter85 ·
I am running Window Server 2003 with Active directory setup. I have XP computers that is connected to this domain. One user cannot login to the domain, it says "the user profile cannot be loaded". I looked at the properties of the user and I saw that it was a Domain User(which is what its supposed to be). So just for fun I made the user a Domain Admin and they were able to login. Of course I dont want them to have admin rights, so is this a domain user problem or something else? if this is confusing I will give more info if needed. Thanks

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More information is usually better...

by cmiller5400 In reply to user can't login to domai ...

But make sure that the user profile is not corrupted. Administrators have the right to login even if the profile is corrupted. Best bet is to rename the user's directory under "documents and settings" and have the user login. Then you can copy over the settings/favorites.

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Tried and failed

by kcarter85 In reply to More information is usual ...

Thank you for your quick reply. I was not able to do what you instructed because I was getting stopped saying "the file NTDUSER is in use" but I was running under the local Admin. so my next step was to create another user that is a part of the Domain Users group. then once again the same thing happened. "profile cannot be loaded" the detail just said "Access denied". Any ideas?

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What are...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Tried and failed

What are the rights on the folder "Default User" in the Documents and settings folder? Users should have read access to that folder so they can create their own copy from it...

PS: to clear the "the file ntuser.dat is in use" reboot the pc, login as the admin, then delete the profile.

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I checked the rights

by kcarter85 In reply to What are...

They were all users had read and execute ability..and write

and I finally was able to remove the profile but I still stopped by the pop up

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I came across the following when doing a search

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to user can't login to domai ...

of your problem.

<b>User Profile Hive Cleanup Service</b>

It's put out by's supposed to fix the "profile can't be loaded" problem...

Might be worth a try...

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I have a few questions which may help your escapade

by NexS In reply to user can't login to domai ...

1: Do your users have roaming profiles? (Check to make sure that the user in question has rights tot heir own server-copy of their profile)

2: Have you tried creating them a new profile and copying all their personal data across?

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