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User Cant Rename Folder

By asif_mcp92 ·
I have a folder JDK1.4, I want all users (expect Administrator) cant rename the folder but they can Read, Write & delete own files & folders inside JDK1.4 folder. Which permissions will I set on this folder? DO you have any idea? I am using NTFS file system on W2K Profession with SP4.

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by ReWrite In reply to User Cant Rename Folder

To allow all users to have full control to this folder you can right-click on the folder, click on Properties and then go to the Security tab. If the Everyone group is not listed click on the Add button and select the Everyone group. Then give the Everyone group Full Control. This will allow any user to do whatever they want with the folder and all files/sub-folders in it. If that is what you want be prepared to replace/restore the folder or the files in it when a user does something they shouldn't to it.



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by asif_mcp92 In reply to

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You didnt understand my question

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by trockii In reply to User Cant Rename Folder

Explain it in a way that makes sense and we can better give you a solution. Answer one is the correct answer.

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by BFilmFan In reply to User Cant Rename Folder

To prevent the users from renaming a folder, but having the rights to READ items in the folder, you ned to do that following:

Highlight the folder.
Right Click.
Choose Properties.
Click the Security Tab.
Highlight the security group or user name and then click Advanced.
Click Edit.
Remove Full Control, Change Permissions
and Take Ownership.
Uncheck the Inherit from Parent Permissions check box.
Click Apply.
Click Ok.

A good explanation of basic NTFS permissions can be found here:

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by YetAnotherAdmin In reply to User Cant Rename Folder

In the security tab remove any existing permissions, you may need to uncheck the "Allow inheritable permissions...." check box. Add everyone and grant read and execute, list folder contents, read and write permissions. Add administrator and grant full control. Add creator owner and grant full control. Apply these. The creator owner permissions will vanish but by clicking the advanced button you will see that creator owner has full control of sub-folders and files. This means that anyone can create files/folders within the first folder but have full control of their own files/folders.

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