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    User can’t scan to file over network


    by deepfriedmice ·

    Hopefully someone may be able to give me some direction, since this has got me pulling my hair out.

    I do IT for a small office environment, and all the users utilize a Ricoh MFP to scan and push the scanned file to a share folder on that user’s computer over the network. One of the users had an unexpected shutdown, and since then she has not been able to use this feature. From what I could tell, the scanner is not able to communicate with the share folder and the scan jobs for her get stuck in the scanner’s queue. All other users have no issue with scanning to their own share folder on their computer – just her.

    I have verified that the folder has the proper permissions set up; I’ve tried creating another share folder somewhere on her machine; I’ve tried disabling the firewall and the antivirus; I’ve tried giving the scanner different log-on credentials (since it appears the scanner has to have actual user credentials to access the computer). Nothing that I have tried has gotten me any closer to an answer. I know that it has to do with her computer being locked down in some regard – she is the only user affected and there is another Ricoh MFP that we tested and it behaves the same way.

    Does anybody have any more ideas? I’m running out of things to try!

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      maybe some file got corrupted from the unexpected shutdown.

      by sue t ·

      In reply to User can’t scan to file over network

      have you tried scanning for and fixing bad system files? Have you tried uninstalling the Ricoh MFP and reinstalling it from scratch? Have you tried doing a system restore to a date prior to the unexpected shutdown?

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        No dice

        by deepfriedmice ·

        In reply to maybe some file got corrupted from the unexpected shutdown.

        Yes, I’ve done all of the above. Oddly enough, when attempting to reinstall the Ricoh MFP, the old instance of the MFP comes back as a sort of “ghost” printer. So there is definitely a couple different things going on. And now other users are becoming affected as well.

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      I agree with Sue T

      by tintoman ·

      In reply to User can’t scan to file over network

      That looks like good advice to me, my only comment is this;
      Why on earth do all the users have their own share folder? why don’t you just set up a single share on one computer, server or NAS so that everyone has access? surely that would eliminate this kind of issue?

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        Share folders

        by deepfriedmice ·

        In reply to I agree with Sue T

        Because they want their own (semi) private folders for their own computers. If everyone had the same shared folder, their confidential files for their own customers would be all mixed up for everyone in the office to see.

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      is there a firmware update available for the Ricoh?

      by sue t ·

      In reply to User can’t scan to file over network

      Is there updated software on Ricoh’s site for the computer? Have you installed any new software/hardware or updates just prior to this happening?

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      Try creating a new user account

      by cpguru21 ·

      In reply to User can’t scan to file over network

      not sure if this has been suggested as it says there are 6 comments, but none showing here. Try creating a new user account, share out a folder, and see if that works for scanning. If so, you know that there is something hooky going on with the user account (corruption?). As for a fix, yo9u can try going through local security policies to see if something in there (from an updated etc..) got switched, specifically the settings that effect SMB.


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      Uninstall old driver, software completely

      by paulhelp21 ·

      In reply to User can’t scan to file over network

      It appears that the old driver and software didn’t get uninstalled completely, like the ghost driver showing up. After uninstalling the driver from the printer settings folder, open device manager, show hidden drivers, and manually uninstall any old printer drivers that show up. Then after a restart reinstall all the new Ricoh drivers and software. Also, restarting the printer spooler service manually will help.

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      Clarifications 1381860391

      by deepfriedmice ·

      In reply to User can’t scan to file over network

      Clarification dummy post @ 1381860391

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