User connection only on local workstation

By Thallalym78 ·
I am quite new to this so please bear with me. I am running a small network of less than 80 computers. I have a user who can log onto the domain using her user name and password, but once logged on, the server is inaccessable from the workstation. I have given the user full administrative rights and she still cannot get a connection. Everything in Active Directory looks fine, she can connect to the internet and pinging the server is of no issue. She can log onto any computer on the network without any issue and other users on the 'bad' workstation can see the network. If anyone has any clue as to what i'm doing wrong i would really appreciate the help. I'm running server 2003 and xp pro. Thanks again

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Are you sure

by Kenone In reply to User connection only on l ...

that this user is logging onto the domain and not the workstation? I've seen that before. Assuming that the user is logging onto the domain, if you log on everything works? Then the user logs on and nada? It would have to be something in the users profile, try creating a new profile.

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