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User Directory

By deangk ·
I am creating a User Dir on a NT 4 Server. I created a User Dir with No Access Permissions, I also added the path to the User dir in the logon script. I then went into User Manager on the server and made user "jdoe" member of the User dir. I also made sure they are pointing to the logon script under the profile tab, I still cant get it to where user "jdoe" can have some temp storage on the server where did I miss a step. The only thing I can fugue out is possibly the logon script is incorrect or the User Profile Path in User Manager for "jdoe"

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User Directory

by bohicam1 In reply to User Directory

Ok, first of all, did you grant the "everyone" group no access? If so, that would be the first problem. Jdoe as well as everyone else is a member of this group by default. If you grant everyone no access, then even if they have explicit permission to access a directory or access means no overrides all other permissions. The proper way to go about this is to go into their profile and make this directory their home folder with
\\servername\Userdir\%username% and share out the userdir. By using the variable %username%, the users name will be automatically filled in by the system and not allow anyone else access to their home folder. I hope I understood your question correctly, if not, please explain a little more.
Good luck!


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