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User Group in Silicon Valley

By charlie.nguyen ·
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Hello everyone,

I like TechRepublic and the resources they provide so I want to setup a monthly meeting or user group for all users of TechRepublic who lives in the Silicon Valley (San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland). Let me know if any of you who lives in the Bay Area wants to join this group.

We will be discussing any IT issues you have at home or at work, the trends in IT, and resume critique. I think this is a great chance for everyone to expand their network and learn new things. If you have a better way to setup this group, let me know.

Who wants to join?!!!


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Why just one area?

by Gone Fishing In reply to User Group in Silicon Val ...

Are you going to get together or just talk online

The www lets you help many people all over the world

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I know it may be hard to believe,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Why just one area?

but some of us actually enjoy meeting other people and putting a face to the screen alias.

We'll send you some good sunglasses; I understand sunlight can be painful when you haven't been out of the basement for a while :-)

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Vampires have a problem with sun light

by Gone Fishing In reply to I know it may be hard to ...

I need to know if you have eaten well before I visit you

Lets see Batesburg, South Carolina no problem see you soon

It was a question not an accusation

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Hey Damin!

by Tig2 In reply to Vampires have a problem w ...

Where were you when the bridge collapsed? I had fortunately left the office early so I was already home. Course, until they put it back, there is no good way to get to the City.

I rather like the fact that someone is starting here to assemble a SIG for their area. That allows for a new kind of exchange of information.

Be interesting to see if the idea would work here. Unlike Northern California, the weather has a greater influence on what people do.

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Beware mortal

by Gone Fishing In reply to Hey Damin!

Do not draw attention to yourself by trying to find me

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Thanks TiggerTwo

by Gone Fishing In reply to Hey Damin!

For reminding me
I have up dated my profile

Sorry it took so long been busy

I had forgotten to change it when I moved
Which happens a lot

Get sent all over the place

I was only in Minneapolis for a few days as it turned out
Expected to be there longer

I was in Austin when the bridge collapsed

I won?t ask questions about you or your friends and family just in case I hit as sore spot

Decided to use a more appropriate address until things become more permanent
Or I retire


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Nice Idea, but

by Bizzo In reply to User Group in Silicon Val ...

Hi Charlie,

Sorry, but I'm a bit skeptical about this. In fact I'm skeptical about most things, but that's just me.

First question, why?
It is a good idea, and as Palmetto said, it's always good to put a face to an alias.

You've only been here for a couple of days. Who are you? If anyone turns up are you going to be selling them real estate or something? What would be the advantages of having a group that meets face to face away from TR?

Sorry for the questions, I don't mean to offend.



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