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User ID/E-mail Name Standards

By Computer Dave ·
I've been with my company for 6 months now and have been fighting tooth & nail to create a few standards (like strong passwords, locking PC's when not in use, turning off monitors at the end of the day). One thing I'm trying to change is the way User ID's (and e-mail names) are created. The traditional method has been to use only the 1st name ie: jim, mary, bob so that e-mail names are;, and so on. I'm trying to move us to but it seems to be an uphill battle. Is this a good idea or am I nuts (always a possibility)?

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Depends upon the size of the organization

by Geek3001 In reply to User ID/E-mail Name Stand ...

If you are dealing with a small organization, a single name standard works for the most part. You just have to come up with a way for handling repeat names AND user turnover.

I have seen some organizations where first name, last initial is used.

Then there is the more universal standard of first initial, last name, with a counter at the end for repeats like JSmith.

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Maybe it's just me, but I prefer to absolutely NOT use my whole name

by Forum Surfer In reply to User ID/E-mail Name Stand ...

I prefer or But that's just me. I'm a little paranoid. I'm also wearing a tinfoil hat as a type to keep the NSA and CIA from intercepting or altering my brainwaves.

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