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By michael.hume ·
I am actually using Office 2003. How do you set up an Image machine so when a user loging into the system for the first time has their "User Information" filled in automatically with the username logon? I tried using the MST file and CMW from the ORK Kit, but this did not help.

I was thinkin I could just put in %username% into the field and it would pick up this info, but once I log in as a user, it just show %username%...

Any help would be great...

Thanks in advance...

Michal Hume

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by CG IT In reply to User Information

ok need some clarification. Are you trying to do a network install of Office 2003?

if so are you trying to create a .msi installer package for deployment including in that package an answer file for unattended install?

if so, no the variable %username% in the answer file won't automatically insert a domain username. In actuallity I don't think there's a scripting program for .msi network deployment package creation which will automatically pickup a user name from a user list [like Active Directory].

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by michael.hume In reply to

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by michael.hume In reply to User Information

I am hopeing that when a User logs onto the Machine for the First Time, the settings for "User Information" in Word 2003 would be set to the User who logged onto the machine. The reason this would help is the system is set up with a Image and when a New User logs on the "User Infomation" is set to the IT Dept and does not change unless you do it manually. If the User does not do this and he has a shared Doc "Open" it shows that the IT Dept has the file "Open",

Just trying to Stop some Phone calls going to the Helpdesk asking who has their File "Open"...

Thanks in advance...


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