User is locked out of computer when logging on remotely

By StuartLord ·
Hi, I have a remote user on windows 7 who comes in to the office approx. once per couple of weeks. When she is on site, she can log on to the 2003 domain with no problems. however, when she is away, the first few remote logons work with cached credentials. After a few days though, her account locks out and it can't be used until she comes back into the office.

I've seen various discussions about cached credentials count but this seems to be related to the number of different users who can log on using cached credentials and not the number of logons for a single user.

Has anyone else come across this issue?

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Have you checked the event log?

by markp24 In reply to User is locked out of com ...


you may want to check the event log , (security section) see if there is an entry showing an error with the credentials during the time the user attempts to logon, It may be because its attempting to use (cached) domain or local account credentials when it should be using vise versa. Also confirm the Remote users Group has both her local and domain accounts listed as members on the local machine.

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Reponse To Answer

by StuartLord In reply to Have you checked the even ...

Hi, thanks I will check this, but she only has a domain account at the moment. I would prefer not to have two separate profiles for the same person as this gets very messy for the user. Ideally she would continue to use domain cached credentials until she returns to the office.

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Cached Domain logon limit

by oldbaritone In reply to User is locked out of com ...
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Reponse To Answer

by StuartLord In reply to Cached Domain logon limit

Hi oldbaritone, this is the registry key i was talking about. the link you provide does give the impression that it is logons for the same user but after further research it does appear that it relatest to number of different user accounts cached by the local machine.

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Could it be group policy issue

by StuartLord In reply to User is locked out of com ...

I am now wondering whether the issue could be to do with password expiry rather than any microsoft limit on the number of logons. Whilst working offline, would the win7 laptop "know" when the users password expires and lock her out after that period?

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