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    user level internet access


    by syedzabiulla ·

    In our off i am using win2k3 server.. there r users .. like Team Leads.. engineers… admins etc…
    There is an ADSL router here connected to switch and its a distributed network…
    All the users, they log on a Domain… They all have roaming profile… and also they work in shifts…
    Right now i have not enabled dns on some pcs to restrict access.. but eventhough they use their profile to log on to the pc having dns enabled and they access…
    I want to know how can I restrict particular users to access internet even after they log on to a pc that has dns enabled….
    And also how can give all users the access for a fixed period as scheduled everyday???

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      by syedzabiulla ·

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      While I don’t have your answer syedzabiulla

      by jdclyde ·

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      Ignore the riff-raff that has infiltrated the site. They won’t be around long.

      I am sure someone will have an answer, one way or the other soon.

      The one problem I see with this is lazy managers wanting to computers to do THEIR work for them. If an employee can not be trusted with internet, they can not be trusted and should not be an employee.

      I have been asked to do such things on my network, but refuse everytime. If they don’t want the user to have internet, I will come take away their PC and give them a dumb terminal so they can still access our legacy systems.

      Hopefully you can avoid letting the local managers turn you into the IT Nazi.

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