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User Level vs Share level 98

By kenneth_davis ·
I set up a peer to peer lab in a classroom with two win98 computers. I set share level security and shared files. A Student stated they used user level security on their NT Server network. She stated she logs onto that Network but when she acesses drives from her computer she is prompted for a password. I said she was accessing a share instead of a drive she has user level permissions for. Was I right in my answer.

Also win98 setup has you make a choice for user level access or share level access. In a NT Server network can I select both / one or the other / or can I do my own shares despite NT Security features.

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User Level vs Share level 98

by shmaltz In reply to User Level vs Share level ...

Your first question I dont fully understand, but from what I understand you are right.
The second question, it dosnt matter if you are connected to a NT network or not on a win9x machine you can always choose share level access or user level access. You can never do both (i.e. if you have selected share level you cant use user level if you selected user level you cant use share level). You dont have NT security features on win9x machine even if you are connected to the server. The only features you do have is 1.logon scripts 2.home directory 3.the list of users if you have user level access 4. policy settings.
Maybe I left something out but what concerns sharing you dont have any other security features.

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