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User Logon Hours Policy

By utken ·
I'm a network admin at a small company (50 users). Most end users have certain logon hours set (not formally) since the management says "they aren't supposed to have LAN access 24/7 unless they have to". Those hours are usually decided by the users'supervisors/managers and I change the hours. Here's the problem: Sometimes, users have to work additional hours (e.g weekend or pass 12midnight) and when there was a miscommunication between the supervisor and the user and when they get cut off the network, they get really upset. I can understand their frustration especially when they're rushing an assignment. However, I'm the one who usually get blamed for. I'm hoping to seek for an advise to help me and the management to set a policy that could eliminate this kind of problem. Do you usually have the users and management sign a black & white stating their agreed hours....or some sort of 'contract'? (This is a small company and I don't wish to make it sound like a huge deal for the users) Thanks in advance.

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Users not trusted??

by timwalsh In reply to User Logon Hours Policy

I'm probably going to get into some internal politics here, but is this the case?

In my mind, there are only a couple of reasons to limit access times:
1. A user, or group of users, has proven untrustworthy (Internet abuse, spying/prying, equipment abuse, etc.)
2. You have some process running after hours that will not complete successfully with logged-on users.
3. You have a bandwidth-intensive process running after hours that will be interfered with by logged-on users.
4. You work in a super-secure environment where limited access is mandated.

It sounds like you already have a policy and/or process in place whereby users can have extended access with supervisor approval. If it isn't written down, it may be time to formalize it.

The bottom line here is this:
Assuming you can't change management's mind about limiting access hours (which is probably the case or you wouldn't be asking this question), one of two things needs to happen.
1. If it is a matter of a user asking for extended access and needing supervisor approval, it should be incumbent on the user to ensure you get the request with the necessary approval.
2. If it is a matter of a supervisor requiring a user to work hours requiring extended access,it should be incumbent on the supervisor to ensure you get the request.

You should not take the heat for someone else's miscommunication. To "help out," you might want to create a simple "Extended Access Hours Request" form. On the form (preferably in bold letters), state that unless you get this form, correctly (and completely) filled out, and in a timely manner, extended access cannot be granted.

This form will fulfill two purposes:
1. It puts both users and management on notice that you shouldn't be held responsible for something you didn't know about; and
2. It provides a paper trail for you should there be any finger pointing as to whether you were told o

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