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    User Logon & Logoff Report?


    by mbsystemsinc ·

    Has anyone found a nice way to create a report from the event log that shows when users logon and logoff? I’ve had a client ask for that, but this person is not the type to be able to plow through event logs. The client doesn’t mind paying for a program that will do it, but doesn’t want to purchase a time clock type program.

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      Login/Logout Report Software

      by richard ·

      In reply to User Logon & Logoff Report?

      I am currently in the process fo writing such an application. It will be open source so money will be expected. The program will go through the event log an work out which entries and log in and log off events and generate a report based on user, day, month and so on so forth. I am quite happy to forward you the software once I am finished writing it.

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        Login/out app

        by wmoore ·

        In reply to Login/Logout Report Software


        Have you posted a copy of the app anywhere? might I get a copy?



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      This is what we use

      by ovyonekenobee ·

      In reply to User Logon & Logoff Report?

      It’s called a Maven Database. It uses any version of SQL Server (including the express version) to track Windows users and computers.

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      Logon Reporter

      by itsteve13 ·

      In reply to User Logon & Logoff Report?

      It sounds like the NetWrix Logon Reporter ( might be ideal for your client (either freeware or commercial version). The easy-to-use Log Reporter automatically consolidates and archives all types of logon events from all Active Directory domain controllers and provides reporting capabilities. The product stores data in a central location and ensures that no events are lost because of log overwrites. The NetWrix Logon Reporter is ideal for clients who don?t have the time to plow through event logs but need to carefully monitor significant changes. As for time clocks, the freeware version of this product has some limitations but it never stops working (can be used for unlimited time). Also we provide a free 20 day trial of the commercial version, which is not very expensive.
      Stephen Schimmel
      Product manager
      NetWrix Corporation

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