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User loses mapped drives in XP

By tdnewk ·
I have had 4 XP Pro users connecting to a win2k AD that have had a problem with mapped drives that get set in the login script. The XP machines act as if when the user logs in, their credentials to create the mapped drives are unknown. The drives show up, but when you try to access them, you get "access denied". If I wait about 5 minutes, then run a batch to create the mapped drives, then the mapped drives work. Some of the users have experienced a 2 minute login delay as well. My fix has ultimately been to wipe the machine and reload XP because recreating the user profiles on the XP machines did not fix the problem.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to User loses mapped drives ...


Sounds like the XP machines are not able to connect to the domain controller at logon. Because each user cannot be verified, they are not being allowed access to the mapped drive.

I would check your DNS settings on the XP machines and make sure that the DNS server address, hostname, gateway and domain name are correct. I would also check your DNS event log on the domain controller, and check it is starting up OK.

Is the domain controller on all the time or are you starting it up at the same time as the XP machines. If the latter, then you should be aware that servers take much longer to start up, hence the percieved delay in logging on.

Good luck

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by seekingjustice In reply to User loses mapped drives ...

This article might be helpful:;en-us;831998

The problem appears to be with the Fast Optimization logon. I hope this helps your situation.

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by aaron_brogdon In reply to

I was having the exact same problem. Running WinXP SP2, and using a logon script from a Windows Server 2003 machine to map 2 network drives. They don't show up in Windows Explorer but I can see them if I do a "net use" in a command prompt. seekingjustice, your solution worked for me.

Just open gpedit.msc, navigate to: "User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Scripts\Run logon scripts synchronously" and enable that policy. My client machine acted all crazy after the first reboot (execute disable bit killed Windows Explorer and MS Outlook crashed too, wtf!) but after second reboot all is well and I've got my drives!

This problem has been driving me crazy for months. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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by tdnewk In reply to User loses mapped drives ...

5/5/05 - I finally broke down and called microsoft about this....they felt it was a permissions problem. Strange...since it worked fine for several months prior. They never really came up with a solution....I am just going to reimage the machines..

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Missing mapped Network Drives on Logon

by ichambas In reply to User loses mapped drives ...

We had this issue lately and got help with this procedure. Run the following command on each XP machines:
regsvr32 vbscript.dll

It's also recommended you run GPUPDATE or the SECEDIT command for Windows 2000 machines to refresh any GPO's from the domain.
I hope this helps.

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