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User Menagement across platforms

By vashti42 ·
Does anyone have experience with an "out of the box" user management system that works across platforms? It must authenticate Unix and NT users, handle proxies, authenticate and route email (to a Unidata system or an exchange service based on the user), talk to People Soft, talk to a radius server for remote authentication, provide a self service interface for users to update their own information, be scaleable and be able to support a very large geographically dispersed company. It needs to reside on a Unix system. It also needs to be fairly secure. Help?

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User Menagement across platforms

by ustutz In reply to User Menagement across pl ...

1. Look at IBM Global Sign On, or see what WRQ (the Reflections people) have on that subject. No experience here, just a cursory investigation in the past.

2. Sun Microsystems NIS+. This would give you a start. NIS+ runs natively on Solaris (of course). HP-UX 11.0 supposedly supports it as well (don't have 11.0). I have seen references to it in NT pieces - thus I tend to think there may be a third party software solution for NT as well - possibly bundled with PC-NFS or SAMBA type implementations. Past experience with NIS+: Hard to break the code on. But once you break the code it can simplify user / network administration.

3. SAMBA. The freeware versions have references to Windows NT. Commercial implementations may have additional functionality in that department.

4. Look also into Novell NDS and W2K ADS. These (new) network security systems clamor about interoperability. Again. no experience, just cursory "I heard something about that".

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User Menagement across platforms

by vashti42 In reply to User Menagement across pl ...

Thank you but no help...
IBM doesn't support HP_UX or handle email routing and authentication.
WRQ doesn't have any ready built products that address our issues.
We used to use fell over as soon as our user pool got to large.
Samba is acompletely different ball of wax, while it is great for sharing unix directies with NT users, it doesn't address our true needs.
We are currently using Novell and for a variety of reasons it is not going to be in our future.
Thank you for responding

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