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    User migration to azure


    by lilysleiden ·

    We just tested migrating a small batch of test users to our new Azure tenant.

    While migrating the PC/user account was no problem, the fact that people get a completely blank user profile, certainly was a showstopper!!

    Many of our users has had their AD profile for years, even a decade and has a lot of individual settings, ways to work, shortcuts, quick links, favorites/browser cached passwords etc. and they loose all that.
    Management has currently halted the process due to the protests.

    So I am on the lookout for a way to link/migrate the old profile/profile settings, when Azure joining the PC?

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      Didn’t work for us either.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to User migration to azure

      But our group is mostly programmers so the very idea was busted at the first and many other attempts. I doubt Azure can support our legacy set of compilers and more.

      But hey, if you need Azure for generic office work, why isn’t your IT working it out with Microsoft? Or are you telling me and everyone else that Microsoft has created another broken system?

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        Not broken as such – more like “detached” it seems

        by lilysleiden ·

        In reply to Didn’t work for us either.

        It seems really strange you cannot simply carry over your identity when/if moving to Azure.

        And you’re probably right, as this is all built by techies and developers, they cannot see the value in that but for overyday office users (like ours) setting up a new PC is a lot of work.

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          Our issues stemmed from how we develop software.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Not broken as such – more like “detached” it seems

          We needed admin level accounts which your regular IT groups don’t want to give out. Why we did this is simple. We’re the authors and creators of the apps for the company and the tools are from long ago to today. DOS, Windows 98se, Linux and more. We even have our own application servers which was very hard for the new CTO/IT group to get over.

          Now for run of the mill office work you should be on some sort of Windows Server, active directory but if not then it’s the old way where companies started small and it’s just a bunch of personal computers on a network. It works and the company is usually not open to spending thousands to move to Windows Server and employ the needed IT staff.

          So the idea would be to move to say Azure AD and because it’s just a bunch of personal PCs the migration isn’t easy. There are tools such as FORENSIT and others but again that’s broken for us because the entire idea doesn’t work as we might boot Linux, run VMs for DOS and Windows 98se along with a long list of tools that the new IT group wanted us to move away from.

          Eventually the CEO had to step in and explain we make the apps and hardware so if we are shut down, there is no company.

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      Simple is best

      by dcunnings ·

      In reply to User migration to azure

      I spent weeks researching this a couple years back and MS totally neglects that migrating PPLs desktop is a thing.

      Simple is best and we did research ways to just copy over what was needed but that’s not as simple as it seems.
      For instance lots of things should NOT be moved over

      The solution we ended up using at my previous job, was USMTGUI from EhlerTech

      1. Join the PC to Azure, using the user account supposed to use the PC afterwards, thereby making the user, at least temporarily, local admin, which is needed.
      2. Then start USMTGUI from a thumbdrive, select the old user profile and press “Run”.

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        Reply To: User migration to azure

        by lilysleiden ·

        In reply to Simple is best

        Thanks @dcunnings

        USMTGUI works great and is immensely simple to use.

        We did have a small snag as we did not want Onedrive and Sharepoint (neither the local users folders or OneDrive settings) migrated as the users log in to the same OneDrive account after being migrated to AAD.

        But the developer fixed that in just a few days. The latest USMTGUI 11.25.22H2.4 version (May 23) now handles this correctly and bring over all the browser favorites, Desktop, links to recently opened files etc.

        The users we tested on are now much more confident being moved over.

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