User Names and Passwords Across 2003 Domain

By LADockter ·
I have multiple member servers running Windows 2003 Server R2 with a 2003 R2 Server running as the Domain controller. Problem is, each server has shares that each and every user has to have access to. The way security is set up they have to have a user name and password set up on each server to access the shares that they need.

Question is: Is there a way to have the Domain Controller sync the User Names and Passwords that are stored on it to each of the Member Servers without making them backup domain controllers?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to User Names and Passwords ...

It sounds like you are not using AD correctly. A server does not need to be a DC to have it use the AD accounts; it just needs to be a member of the domain. So therefore, you should use domain groups/users to assign the security on the member servers; do not use local accounts created on the machine.

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by LADockter In reply to Ummm...

The lightbulb! Looks like I was doing this all wrong. This is one of my first AD Deployments and I already SNAFUed it. Need to break my NT 4.0 mindset. Thanks for your help!

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