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User Never Used Win95-98-XP Any Ideas

By OwenB ·
I have a new user who has used computers before but only within a software interface. She has never used any type of operating system.

I?m just wondering if anyone has any type of guide they use or a good one on the internet I can give her to refer to.

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Not really as this person has obviously come from a large

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to User Never Used Win95-98- ...

Financial or Medical institution and used a Dumb Terminal to enter data from you are really up against things.

It's not just how to use an OS that you need here but what not to do with Windows.

As this is really a Q&A topic maybe you would get a better response by posting it in the General Windows of the TQ&A section of TR. You're far more likely to get people who have previously and recently dealt with these problems who can help you out. When I first ran into this we where all using DOS and I wanted to go back to my mainframes.

Which I did and I didn't go near a Windows Network until well after 95 with Novel installed.


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Local Comm College or Senior Center training

by bschaettle In reply to User Never Used Win95-98- ...

First, find the person who hired this employee and have a nice little heart-to-heart talk with them about screening applicants against actual job requirements. Let them know that your department doesn't have the resources to do any one-on-one hand holding with this employee.

Provide the employee's supervisor a list of basic "Intro to PCs" classes offered through your local computer vendor, Community College, or Senior Center, and encourage them to pay to have the employee attend one or more of these.

I strongly recommend that you or your staff NOT provide this training directly, because this user will be on the phone with you constantly after that. Been there, done that -- it'll eat your lunch. Furthermore, if you provide this level of training and support for this employee, guess what? You'll soon be expected to provide this service for all the new employees.

Good luck!

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by OwenB In reply to Local Comm College or Sen ...

I agree that this should have been identified before the person started. I?m sure they do fit the job requirements for an accounts person.

I?m looking for some type of guide to provide the user to help them settle in. So far there doing pretty well at learning the system but its really a company?s job to ensure all staff receive the appropriate training. As this is an IT issue it falls to the IT department to train the users.

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Respectfully disagree

by bschaettle In reply to

RE: "I?m sure they do fit the job requirements for an accounts person."

I respectfully disagree. Clearly, a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows has become a defacto job requirement for this position, or you wouldn't be faced with this situation. This person isn't qualified to do this job without remedial PC training. We have the same issue with our HR Dept, hiring computer-illiterate staff, and the errors they've caused have co$t us plenty.

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Well if this is only data entry

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

All you really need do is show them how to turn on the unit and launch the program perhaps a shortcut on the desktop for the required programs?

Maybe this could even be a blessing in disguise as they are far less likely to mess with the OS and just use the applications that they need.


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by OwenB In reply to Well if this is only data ...


But then are you not letting the user down by not training them to use the system correctly

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If and ONLY IF their Job is DATA entry

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

They are using the system properly as that is all that they where employed for.

If you start even considering recommending Courses for this person to take at Companies Expense you are making a Rod for your Own Back as they will then attempt to do things that they where not employed to do and the last thing that you want is the installation of software that isn't approved by the company or even worse causes the existing programs to no longer work.

The ideal end user is one who only does their job without messing with the machine to Personalize it to their own tastes.

Of course if the job IS NOT Data Entry then it's a different story but from the original description supplied it sounds very much like a low end Data Entry position where knowing how to use an OS isn't important. Most end users just want to do their work and not worry about how it works just that it works without problems so if you Keep It Simple Stupid The KISS Principal you keep your own work level as small as possible without endangering the system to a person with a Little Knowledge.


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Also, under this scenario

by Old Guy In reply to If and ONLY IF their Job ...

you could put the programs they need to use in the Start up folder so it starts up when they log on.

Hal, I agree some users like to explore too much and it does cause a headache.

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I have to agree with this one!

by RknRlKid In reply to If and ONLY IF their Job ...

I used to teach the very type of course you are talking about! As part of the curriculum the students learned...oh no! PERSONALIZE their desktops!

Most of these "introductory" courses teach just what is in the textbook. The book we used taught Windows Explorer (finding, renaming files, deleting files), Internet Explorer, Outlook Express (very basic useage), using icons and creating shortcuts on the desktop, manipulating the desktop (screensaver and background), and what the accessories do. It was a six week, one night a week course. Very basic. I never taught how to install programs though.

Regardless of this, if I was a network administrator, the first thing I would do is create a policy where no one can change anything on the desktop. The course I taught was really aimed at the home user, not the corporate user (it had to be...why would a corporate environment be concerned with multimedia stuff?).

But I agree with everyone else that hiring someone without basic skills for the job is very disturbing. And as much as we might hate it, using a GUI is now a required skill.

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