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User perception of IT staff as irrelevant or slackers

By Steve_IT ·
OK, here's the issue...

Our department has come under fire for our perceived "slackness" This is mainly fuelled by people seeing us coming and going at non-standard hours (not knowing the real hours put in) and the fact that we all refuse to get stressed / angry when they are having problems. We are the normal bunch of guys who happen to love and enjoy our jobs, who get along well and even management conceed we are doing a great job.

The problem is how to fix the public PERCEPTION that we are not worth our pay etc. etc.

Any ideas???

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Job shadowing

by NickNielsen In reply to User perception of IT sta ...

Invite some of the loudest complainers to accompany you through your "slacker" day. Just the invite causes many people to take a second look. The rest have second thoughts when you tell them that "shadow day" will start at 0600 because you have to verify back-ups!

Seriously, though, see if your management is amenable to job shadows. It's amazing how fast eyes can open when they take a walk in the "slack" shoes.

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by Fred123456 In reply to User perception of IT sta ...

I don't really see the need to change the PERCEPTION. If management sees your department as a well organized, efficient team, then thats all that matters.

If their are fellow employees in other departments who think you are "slackers". It may be impossible to prove to them you are not.

Management should be looking at the people and departments who are complaining the most. My guess is those departments have either to much time on their hands or the employee's are unhappy about their work load.

I.T. is always an easy scapegoat when the users is ticked about to much work.

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yeah, really. why take it personally?

by sgt_shultz In reply to Why?

who knows what strange ideas folks have about IT. Unless I get feedback directly from management, I just let it roll off back. Taking stuff personally bears too high a price for me usually...

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Show them your KPI's

by four-eyes_z In reply to Why?

If you are consistently meeting your key performance indicators then you should have nothing to be worried about.

Why dont you email that unhappy bunch of people a copy of the powerpoint slide that gets presented to management during meetings? That should show all of them that you are meeting your KPI's.

You have nothing to be worried about... You can never please everybody anyway...

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by kscheer In reply to Why?

I agree, this isn't a big problem if your management appreciates you. It is your management's job to help change those perceptions. I would go to your manager or Director and talk about how you feel. They can help with changing this perception. Most people have a hard time understanding what we do but if you get more involve in the business process it can help. The key to this is to talk to the user so they can understand what you are saying don't try to use too many technical terms.

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by gerberb58 In reply to User perception of IT sta ...

You're doing your job? You are happy? The organization is fond of the work?

Disable all their accts and TELL THE BOZO's TO TAKE A HIKE!

Or better yet, Complain about THEIR SLACKERS, disable all their accts, tell them to call someone who gives a s**t, and tell'em to go play in the street.

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by Fred123456 In reply to So......

Ok gerberb thats a litte extreme, but perhaps a simple logon script popup that displays a message like...

We are currently workng to make your computers more efficient. Please wait...

Let the script pause the logon process for a duration of your choosing.

Then dispaly a "Thank You" from the IT team for you patience.

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And also add

by w2ktechman In reply to Whaaa

a system hang randomly throughout the day for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
It should run at least every 3 hours.

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I'm fond off a few techniques

by Neon Samurai In reply to And also add

Blank the screen and draw one of those old time cartoon bands with the five guys and instruments all squished together. Have it march across the screen playing "yankee doodle" or whatever. Add a banner waving above in the breeze if you like. For the final flare, have it march off the other side of the screen and on too the next screen along the office.


Start with a single pixel in reverse colour that buzzes about a little then stops. As it buzzes about more, it get's bigger until; fwap!, and a giant fly lands on the "other side" of the screen. Make the buzzing about and "getting closer" bit as long as you like.

I never did write either one but thinking about it still makes me giggle a little. I don't know that it would help the IT departments image but it might be fun.

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Another fun one

by w2ktechman In reply to I'm fond off a few techni ...

Back in the Win 95 days (and not at work) I had found a program from an antivirus company, that simulated a virus deleting all of your files. It first took a snapshot of your directory structure so it looked pretty real.
Anyway, an explorer window opens and the prompt to delete all of your files came up, it would not let you press no, and soon it continued while if you did not know what it was it was horrendous site to see.
After it was done it simulated a shutdown, then it pops up with a big sign THANK GOD THIS IS ONLY A GAME then the av company logo appears.
This was a fun one to run in someones startup group. I wish I had a digital camera back then....
I did this to one person who kept powering the system off and then rebooting. After several times this person finally just let it go through the motions, but wanted to kill me afterwards......It was fun though.

Also a good one, an old teacher had setup a netware server while in school. He 'allowed' me to obtain his PW, so I logged in as him and created a logon script to log him off. This was funny as heck. But I did give myself 2 admin accounts as well, so I could get back in....

The devious are truly blessed.

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