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user privilages

By mg_roberts ·
I have two groups of users that need to be able to install programs and use active x quite frequently, is there anyway to give them the ability to install programs without adding them to the domain admins group.
I am running Small Business Server 2003

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Make them local admins

by DMambo In reply to user privilages

Can you just add them to the admin group on the PC's they use? At least that keeps them from screwing with any other machines.

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by mg_roberts In reply to Make them local admins

That may work but I was looking for a solution that would work with the roaming profiles, so they would be able to use these programs on any computer.

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Create a group

by Old Guy In reply to roaming

just for them and add that group to the local admin.

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by mg_roberts In reply to Create a group

isn't there some way i can configure this from the domain level? i want them to have these settings no matter where they login

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Add a security group to the Domain Admins group

by DMambo In reply to domain

Create a group to hold these folks and add that group to Domain Admins. That way you can pull them from Domain Admins whenever you want.

New software version out? Put this sec group into Domain admins. All clients updated? Yank the group from domain admins.

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