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By bill.beckett ·
Is there a way to edit the registry for an individual user profile? If so, how?

What is the users module?

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User Profile

by BeerMonster In reply to User Profile

When a new user logs in to a machine, they receive a copy of the default user profile, containing the file ntuser.dat. The ntuser file is essentially the user specific registry hive, and when any user logs in, this hive is loaded into HKEY Current User - and unloaded when they log off. In order to effect changes for all new users, load regedt32, focus on the root of HKUsers, select registry from the menu, then select load hive. browse to the default user profile, and select the ntuser.dat file.give any name when prompted. This will load the hive, and allow you to edit it. When you have finished, select registry \ unload hive. To edit a particular user, just load the ntuser file from their personal profile. YOU MUST UNLOAD THE HIVE AFTERWARDS, otherwise you will see errors when they try to log in !! Alternatively, if the user has no access to registry tools, log the user in and connect via REGEDIT from another machine - select registry \ connect network registry. again, remember to disconnect when finished as the connection will be persistent. another method can be to log in yourself, make a change to the required key in your own profile, and use REGEDIT to dump out a registry fragment file - select registry \ export registry file. edit the file as appropriate to take out anything you don't want, and then apply the file via a login script or other method (regedit /S regfile.reg) if a user double clicks on the file, it will also load it (as they have full access to their own hive). If you are going to create the file by modifying your own HKCU hive, dump out the key to be changed before you start, then when you are finished you can reload your original dump to set things back to normal.

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