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When I configure new user accounts in AD I set each user up to have a Terminal Services Home Folder, i.e. their own personal folder (which gets named as their <username&gt and it's mapped as the P drive. When a new user logs in to their pc for the first time their profile is created, their P drive gets created on the Terminal Server, and this P drive mapping show up in their "My Computer". Within each user's P drive is a list of generic folders which get automatically populated (i'm confused as to where these folders come from though?).

So... in addition to these generic folders, I want another generic folder (which I have manually created and stored on the Terminal Server) to be automatically put into each and every new user's (P:\) drive when their profile is created the first time.

I was wondering what would be the best way to approach the above scenario?? Would I need to modify a logon.bat script or perhaps a GPO, or is there an easier way around this??

Any advice appreciated.

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This might help you in some way, but only in part.

Create a Shared Favorites Folder for All Network Users

A standard NT installation gives every user her own Favorites folder. Since Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office both use this folder extensively, you might find it useful to build a shared Favorites folder containing IE shortcuts or Office documents that you want to make available to all your users.

Building a shared Favorites folder is pretty easy. The first step is to build the folder itself: on one of your file servers, share the directory you want to use as the shared Favorites folder. It can be an existing directory, or you may create a new one. Be sure to set appropriate share and NTFS permissions.

Next, on each machine you want to use the shared folder, you'll need to change the value of HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\Favorites from its existing setting to the path to the new folder. For example, if your shared folder is on a machine named armageddon in a share named favorites, your new Favorites value would read \\armageddon\favorites. You can make this change as part of a system policy by adding a new policy template; you may also put it in HKU\.DEFAULT so that newly created accounts inherit the setting.

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