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    User profile migration to new Windows 11 PCs

    by annalynnetech ·

    As one department (~170 persons) are in a transition to move to another department on new Windows 11 PCs I would like to move, not only relevant documents but preferably, the entire user profiles with them.

    Most of their functions will remain the same. And so most relevant documents, used websites etc. will be the same as previously. Moving the desktop over would prevent them from having to start all over, setting up everything all over.

    We do use USMT (User State Migration Tool) as part of our deployment, but the new PCs are pre-deployed.

    Also, even the latest Windows 11 USMT from the ADK does not include favorites etc from any of the latest browsers. Not even Edge.

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      Did you report this omission?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to User profile migration to new Windows 11 PCs

      You used a Microsoft tool and it came up short. You call Microsoft to see if they plan to fix it or shop around for other migration tools.

      In the past we expected our IT to write scripts to do this work. But as time passed I find IT staffers to object to writing code.

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      Reply To: User profile migration to new Windows 11 PCs

      by dcunnings ·

      In reply to User profile migration to new Windows 11 PCs

      As suggested above you could report the shortcomings to MS. However MS has not been updating the app support in USMT for years.

      I’d however still recommend you use USMT from Microsoft. You can get a fully updated free edition also supporting Windows 11 over at Ehlertech.

      We use that version in our Endpoint Manager (SCCM) and for migrations to new win10/11 PCs we use the Ehlertech User Profile Central (UPC) utilizing the Ehlertech USMT version.

      With UPC you can sit at your desktop and handle (backup/restore/move) user profiles remotely on all PCs on the domain.

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      Reply To: User profile migration to new Windows 11 PCs

      by pacerace6 ·

      In reply to User profile migration to new Windows 11 PCs

      When migrating to new Windows 11 PCs, you can transfer user profiles and data from your old computer to the new one using various methods. Here are a few options:

      Windows Easy Transfer: In previous versions of Windows, Microsoft offered a tool called Windows Easy Transfer to transfer user profiles and data between computers. However, starting with Windows 10, this tool was deprecated and is no longer available. Therefore, it may not be applicable when migrating to Windows 11.

      Microsoft Account synchronization: If you use a Microsoft Account to sign in to your Windows 10 PC, you can continue using the same account on your new Windows 11 PC. By signing in with your Microsoft Account during the initial setup process, your profile settings, desktop background, Microsoft Store apps, and some other settings will automatically sync to the new PC.

      Manual data transfer: If you want to perform a more selective transfer or have data stored locally, you can manually copy the files and folders from your old PC to the new one using external storage devices such as USB drives or external hard drives. This method allows you to transfer specific files, documents, photos, and other data to your new Windows 11 PC.

      User State Migration Tool (USMT): For more advanced users or organizations, the User State Migration Tool (USMT) can be used to migrate user profiles and settings to new Windows 11 PCs. USMT is a command-line tool provided by Microsoft for large-scale deployment scenarios and offers greater flexibility in migrating user profiles.

      It’s worth noting that the specific steps and tools available for profile migration may vary depending on the Windows 11 version, updates, and migration scenario. It’s always recommended to refer to Microsoft’s official documentation or support resources for the most up-to-date information and guidance on profile migration when moving to Windows 11.

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        Reply To: User profile migration to new Windows 11 PCs

        by dcunnings ·

        In reply to Reply To: User profile migration to new Windows 11 PCs

        This is why we use the GUIs from EhlerTech and their corresponding XML files.

        The GUIs makes it much more easy to handle the migration process and also checks logs, warning you if anything fails.

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      Reply To: User profile migration to new Windows 11 PCs

      by janine1marchese ·

      In reply to User profile migration to new Windows 11 PCs

      We’ve used USMT for User Profile Migrations for years. We run USMT with USMTGUI from Ehlertech, or more frequently these days we use their User Profile Central.
      It is basically a GUI utilizing USMT. It is however professional SW so you must pay for it. But as it is quite cheap, really simple to use and includes premium support it really is an easy choice.

      USMTGUI is updated to the latest Win 11 edition and has, since autumn 2019, been capable of migrating favorites etc. for the new Edge Chromium. Also the latest corporate versions from Autumn 2019 onward migrates profiles to Azure

      Regarding Favorites from Edge, Chromium Edge, Chrome and Firefox, and Chrome and Firefox credentials, they are easily migrated with USMT.

      The reason you cannot migrate Edge and Chromium Edge credentials directly, is that those credentials are stored in the “Credential Manager” and they’re not supposed to be able to be copied. – If they were, the credential manager wouldn’t be worth much 😉

      To migrate Credentials stored in the “Credential Manager” you basically need to export them, for instance to desktop, logged in as the user. Then move them over with USMT, along with the users data and, import the credentials after logging in as the user..

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