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By NickHaigh ·

I would like help with a problem.
It's more of a home pc problem really, i am running Windows ME with 2 users running their own profiles, each profile has their different settings when installing programs the 2 profiles can use this but they can also see files accosiated with a particular software.
I installed a mobile phone software on my profile but the other profile can also see the files i downloaded from my phone, i.e. contacts, photo's
how can i stop this from happening?
can i restrict the profile in some way?
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to User Profiles

I suggest upgrading to Windows 2000 or XP which has proper profiles with better file security than 98 or Me can ever provide.

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by rindi1 In reply to User Profiles

There may be some third Party software somewhere out there with which it may be possible to hide data of other users with windows me. Maybe it is also possible to use a password with your mobile phone software.

You can really only do what you want with an Operating system which has a filesystem which is better than FAT(32), something like ntfs, so it is best to upgrade to a newer windows Version, like Windows XP. In Windows XP the ntfs file system has more attributes which it can be assigned, allowing only those users reading ability which the other users want to allow.

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by BobHo In reply to User Profiles

I would agree that a more secure os is the best solution. If that is not possible or desired then there are many apps out there that will allow you to secure files and folders. Check out this site as an example:

There are commercial, shareware and free apps to accomplish what you need. You can also do a search on the net for "hide folders" or "security" to find many more.



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by p.j.hutchison In reply to User Profiles
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by NickHaigh In reply to User Profiles

Thanks very much, probably a good idea, but It's a home pc, not that powerful 500mhz and 256mb ram...i feel windows 2000 has a lot running in the background that isn't needed for home use, slows the pc down quite xp - not wanting to pay that kind of money for the upgrade to be honest also xp is much more proscessor and memory hungry.
Just thought there was a solution within Windows ME.
Thanks again though for your advice, much appreciated.

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