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By adminmichael ·
Is there a way i can setup computers in a home network to have profiles on a network 1tb hard drive and then all of you documents and favorites and ect.. are on every computer you logon to?

I have it currently where i have all the documents on a network location with user folders but they have to go there directly i want them to beable to just click on the my documents on there desktop to get to there documents more freely

please reply with any answers

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for windows vista and 7

by markp24 In reply to User Profiles

You can change the properies of those folders to point the "location tabl to the folder on the network, by adding it to the library locations and set it as default

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Reponse To Answer

by adminmichael In reply to for windows vista and 7

Yup- But what im asking is there a script that i can map there profiles to that users folder?

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Maybe use powershell

by markp24 In reply to User Profiles


I misunderstood , but did you look into powershell or vbscript to do this? if not there may be a script sample out there to do this.

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Reponse To Answer

by adminmichael In reply to Maybe use powershell

Im more fermilliar with vbs scripting but i havnt played around with powershell and i think that powershell is only on windows seven and i have computer with Windows Xp, Windows7, and Windows Vista i need something that would work with all of the versions listed below so im going to rule out powershell but i can look into vbs scrits i know you can maps drives with vbs scripts as well so ill take a look thanks for the information please if you run accross any information on this topic please reply thanks!

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