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User responsibility

By JohnSmyth ·
Before I get started, I'm letting everyone know this is a rant, so take heed. I've experienced some of the most frustrating days dealing with people based on their lack of knowledge and level of experience.

Some users just don't want to learn the basic skills needed to perform their job like navigating around in Windows or finding the file they just saved to the hard drive. It's much easier to pick up the phone and call tech support and let them deal with it. Those kinds of people make me want to reach across the desk or through the phone and strangle them. And the situation is worse when their boss (and yours) absolves them of any responsibility of learning those basic skills.

How can you solve someone's problem when they don't understand how to look on the Start menu? Or open Windows Explorer? Or don't understand that the document they just printed is down the hall because they chose the wrong printer? It's not like Windows is some new operating system that just got released last week. Where does a company draw the line between keeping that new hire or getting rid of them?

I've experienced the same thing while working for a document services company that makes paper copies and digital scans of customer documents. Our customers supposed to fill out a work order with info like how many copies do they need, what time/date do they need it back, what person is requesting the copies, company name, etc. Things you would consider important to complete the job. Some of the responses I get just astound me.

"oh, we've never filled out those", or
"I don't like filling that out"

What? You want someone to perform a service for you so you can do your job and it's too much trouble to take 60 seconds of your time to fill out a freaking work order? Wtf?!!

It seems like people have become dependent on others like small children on their mothers, only they aren't small children anymore. People want to be spoon fed information instead of learning some basic skills, or using the help menu before picking up the phone. It makes be even angrier that their (your) boss doesn't recognize it, or doesn't care.

OK, so you have new users. How about some in-house training? Make it mandatory. But that would be too inconvenient for them. If we all behaved like dependent children, little work would get done. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the more knowlegeable the users, the more productive they are.

I don't understand why that is such a difficult concept to grasp.

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It's not surprising

by NickNielsen In reply to User responsibility

Americans, as a society, have pretty much spent the last 40 years doing our best to absolve anyone and everyone of any personal responsibility.

Good rant, by the way. I often have the same problem, but it's with the help desk! For example, on a recent call the reported outage was "UPS beeps and causes PC to reboot, no errors indicated." When I got there, the battery LED was shining bright red! According to the customer, the help desk never even asked about the UPS status or indicators.

I do my best to get past level one as fast as possible. I even have direct numbers for some of the level two shops and use them whenever I can.

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Feel better? :)

by Shellbot In reply to User responsibility

I hear ya John.

My crowning achievement in my current job was actually teaching someone to "right click" their mouse.

I mutter "dumb@ss" about 20 times a day..

Internal training for users? You must be joking..wow, if that happened they might actually have to work and can't excuse 3 hours of web surfing with "i was waiting for IT to find my document"

bah humbug...

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I was in emergency training once and the instructor

by DadsPad In reply to Feel better? :)

keep saying 'left click', since most of us were in IT, it sounded funny. I reminded people how many people do not realize they have two mouse buttons!

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A different approach

by mjd420nova In reply to User responsibility

I get the identical type of problem but it's from a different angle. Daily I run up against users who have some crazy, off the wall program that they claim isn't working right or not at all. I don't have all the time I'd like to research all of these programs to find out how it works and why it doesn't work for them. The only thing I can really do for them is prove that the hardware is intact and not causing their problem. If I had a dime for every new piece of software that I encounter that the user says is not doing what it is supposed to be doing, I'd be a millionaire and certainly not have to work. One user insisted that I fix it so I had them provide me the manual for the program and a nice soft chair to sit in. It only took them 30 minutes to decide that it was to their monetary advantage to research the software fault themselves instead of paying me over $100. and hour to figure it out.

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