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    User Restrictions using regedit


    by meribiacity ·

    Hello All…

    I want to deploy user restrictions on 120 some computers making a reg script. I am not using GPEDIT.msc because that will take way too long on 120 computers, and the network is not Active Directory.

    Here is the problem:

    ~If I put all the restrictions under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, all user that log into the computer will have the right restrictions which is what I want. However so will the administrator account which is bad.

    ~I can’t use HKEY_CURRENT_USER because there are about 700 possible users that can log into any one computer.

    How can I make restrictions for any possible user that logs into the PC except the administrator using regedit. Thanks in advanced!!

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      by meribiacity ·

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      Use a Default Profile

      by ic-it ·

      In reply to User Restrictions using regedit

      Then you may apply those reg changes to the current user without affecting the admin account.

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        Xserv overrides

        by meribiacity ·

        In reply to Use a Default Profile

        When the user logs into our xserv domain, their profile, and CURRENT_USER, is pushed onto the machine. The default profile is ignored.

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          did you work this out?

          by dcoupe ·

          In reply to Xserv overrides

          I am attempting to do the same kind of this with our xserve
          but using local policies and I like the idea of being able to
          use the currnet user profile. could you give me some ideas
          on how to do this. I also have approx 200 machines to do
          this on.

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