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    by allanmccaffery ·

    I have a network running 50 Win2000 PC’s and by win2000 server. There is a program the staff use which needs the access runtime but under power users the runtime fails. I can only get it to work if i give them admin rights which i dont want to do.

    Can you give me advice on how to resolve this.

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      It appears that there is something in the Access program code that requires Administrator authority. If so, you’re going to need to study that code, find out what it is, and change it.

      Question: How is the program failing? Please provide exact error messages and maybe a little about what the program is doing, etc).

      —–Steve Jackson

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      by exnn ·

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      With the info provided, I can suggest one simple thing before going deeper: give all users full control security rights to the folders that program uses, instead of administrative priviliges on the whole computer/domain. Good luck.

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      by advancedgeek ·

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      I had the SAME thing…what I did was create a local account on the server…log in…open the database that is having this problem, and install the runtime. When I did this all of the user’s connecting to it didn’t have to install it. Good Luck, and be careful.

      *make sure you do a backup before you do anything crazy. 😀

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      perhaps the permissions on the registry entries used by the program are not allowing non-administrator group? you can see the permissions using the regedt32 applet. that is how i fixed my older win2k unfriendly programs a few times in the past…

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      by tonythetiger ·

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      A lot of times programs put ini files in the WINNT directory. If this is the case, perhaps you could change the premissions for just those files to allow “DOMAIN USERS” modify permissions.

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      by jsnetman ·

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      Sometimes I have encountered software that will only run with loacal admin rights and rather than give full admin rights to the local machine you can use the runas command to load that particular program to run as local admin account, see follwing example:

      Option explicit
      dim oShell
      set oShell= Wscript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
      oShell.Run “runas /user:localadmin “”C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”””
      WScript.Sleep 1000
      ‘Replace the string yourpassword~ below with
      ‘the password used on your system. Include tilde
      oShell.Sendkeys “password~”

      Create this as a vbs script and create a shortcut to point to it. obviously this script contains the password of the local account so the need to encrypt it is important with screnc.exe from Microsoft.

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