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    User share for under FTP server


    by damien.lefevre ·


    I’m having some small issue with sharing the FTP root folder on my FTP server.

    The FTP server is part of domain as a member server. On the domain controller I have created a global group called FTP_admins in AD where I add the users I want to allow adding and removing FTP users.

    I want to share and restrict the access to the FTP root directory to only the users in that FTP_Admins group. By adding this group to the RDC allowed user everything works perfectly.

    If I create a folder on the FTP server and share it adding the permissions for the FTP_Admins only everything works perfectly.

    If I share the FTP root folder and add the FTP_Admins group I cannot access the share.

    Now if I add my user account (which is in the FTP_Admins group) to the FTP root permission I can browse the folder.

    What can I do to make the users in the FTP_Admins group to see the FTP root folder without having to add them one by one?

    Thanks by advance!


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