user shutting of programs

By Billyd59 ·
I have Windows XP and Windows Vista. I have 2 computers with mutible users. What I want Is something like Msconfig that will shut down programs for 1 user and not the others. For example I have 1 user just for makeing videos so I want to turn everything off for the 1 to make videos but keep everything on for all the other users? I would like one of these kind of programs for the Vista and 1 for Windows XP computer? I would like something that does this for the registry, services and startup programs.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to user shutting of programs

Are you a tyrant? Need to control every little detail?

On to your problem...

Using hardware profiles, you can specify what hardware is available to different profiles.

Using user profiles and moving things out of the all users group and placing them in the individual user's start menu and desktop you can make them "invisible" to the other user. Using NTFS permissions you can restrict who has access to what.

Not granting admin rights to the users prevents them from modifying the registry and other system area's.

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Using hardware profiles

by Billyd59 In reply to Huh?

I am kind of new. I never used
Hardware profiles before. Is this hard to do? can I turn everyting off for a certain user?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Using hardware profiles

FYI - Hardware profiles are NOT user specific. You choose which one you want to load at boot time. There is NO password protection if that is what you are looking for.

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Sideways fix

by IC-IT In reply to user shutting of programs

Spybot - Search and Destroy can do this.
After installing and updating the program, go to the menu - mode - turn on advanced.

Then in the left column select Startup. A list will appear on the right window displaying the startup items for each user. Deselect the ones for the profile you desire.

Edited to add link (need coffee). :-)

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Search and Destroy

by Billyd59 In reply to Sideways fix

After going to advance mode do I go to tools and than system startup? Do I have to go to logIn as each user to turn things off? Will this work If the user Is not a Amin?

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by IC-IT In reply to Search and Destroy

Tools then startup. It should load all user's profiles. Do it from an administrators account (or a runas).

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Am I missing something, or

by seanferd In reply to user shutting of programs

can't we just set up an account for each user tailored in the manner described?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Am I missing something, o ...

that's what I would do, but he seems to be a dictator in wanting to control everything ;\

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I can't tell

by seanferd In reply to Yup

Sometimes I set up user accounts like that so there are no distractions to confuse some users. "I can't find xxx", "What is yyy for".

Otherwise, with a limited user account, no one should be able to trash anything, anyway.

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by Billyd59 In reply to Yup

I am not a dictator. I just want to use one user just to make videos so I don't need everything I have running for the other users. So I want to turn off everything that Is running In the background off just for that one user not for the others. I also want It for my Vista laptop so when I am on battery I can turn things off to save Battery.

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