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    by zlitocook ·

    I was the only IT person for a large group of people, but with my suggestion we went though an interview period and we agreed on a person to help me.
    He has a better sense of humor then I do and is an great asset to have. But we are competing on user stories and we are getting great ones at the company we are at.
    My question is do you share these with others if names are left out? And do you post these on sites if the user might see them, even if you do not use names or company names?
    We have enough great user stories to write a book but do not want to hurt the feelings of the people we have worked with.
    What do you think about this?

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      As long as details are limited

      by w2ktechman ·

      In reply to User stories

      as you suggest, no names/company names, etc.. I do not see a problem with it!

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        by mothershelper ·

        In reply to As long as details are limited

        whatever you do when you write your book – don’t base the characters or the company on anyone or anything RL

        lots of fiction authors do and lose friends – in your case it could get you in court thanks to our litigious society these days

        odds are if you and your helper step back – there’s a book, tv, or movie character that your coworkers remind you of that you could model your story players after – sounds like the two of you would have a blast at it too

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      Let Em Rip :)

      by rob miners ·

      In reply to User stories

      If you don’t point the finger at anyone as far as I am concerned its OK. 🙂

      I’ve ROFLMAO at someone else’s expense before and I will probably do it again. 😉

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        Yup, everyone has ‘those days’

        by w2ktechman ·

        In reply to Let Em Rip :)

        and some of the stories are hilarious.
        Actually, there are people that I work with that remind me of their previous ‘stupid’ moments 😀
        If it is funny, it does not matter, let em fly!

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          I forgot to

          by rob miners ·

          In reply to Yup, everyone has ‘those days’

          say that I would proof read it. Give it a road test like some people do with the trailer power connector. :p
          I’ve ROTFLMAO at some of your posts too, Keep it up. 😉

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        by nicknielsen ·

        In reply to Let Em Rip :)

        I’ve ROFLMAO at my own expense. Sometimes it takes a while, but occasionally the a-ha moment is almost instantaneous with the deed. 😀

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          Been there and done that :)

          by rob miners ·

          In reply to Shucks

          Laughter is good medicine and I can’t get enough of it. 🙂

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      Sharing user stories

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to User stories

      I worked on a large contract that had 10 different physical locations and over 7500 units supported by six field technicians. We had to support all the peripherals too so it was important that we communicate among ourselves as to what and where as we often had to work each others areas during vacation times. Yes we even had to be specific as alot of the equipment was very common so it was important that this info got passed to all those involved in the support. No, we never got specific outside of our support circles but the general stories were passed to the other field people so they would be savy when these strange things occured to them too, but no names or exact locations were ever used.

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      If you watched ‘The Sopranos’…

      by notsochiguy ·

      In reply to User stories

      …you may remember some of the dinner conversations Dr. Melfi had with her associates.

      They’d routinely talk about various patient issues…and in most cases (asides from hers, obviously), the patient anonymity was maintained.

      In a true sense, tech professionals are like those shrinks. Sometimes, for our own sake (decompression, coping, whatever), we need to share these stories.

      Plus, user stories are a way for various tech generations to bond, I find. Hearing about someone that put a punch card into a paper shredder, and waiting for something to get printed out is as funny as a user who refused to open Windows, because it was cold outside.

      So, in short, by all mean…share away. As long as no one is specifically targeted/mentioned, there is no problem.

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