USERINIT.EXE Gone on Laptop

By BorgInva ·
I have a problem. I have had Spybot popping up that there is a problem with userinit.exe for a few days. I have just kept canceling because it is valid. I was going to deal with the error later. The other option was to delete that and all associated files.

This morning my wife turned the laptop on. Before having a chance to cancel out, my toddler hit ENTER at the moment Spybot came up. Since reboot, the machine logs in and then back out. This is the ADMIN account.

I have tried to boot into all SAFE MODES but none do. Just logs right out. I tried Recovery Console from CD and did expand \i386\userinit.ex_ C:\Windows\System32\userinit.exe
but I get the error:
Unable to create file userinit.exe
0 file(s) expanded.

The laptop will not let me eject the CD when in Recovery Mode, so I can not put in a CD with a copy of userinit.exe to copy over. I do not want to force the CD drive unless I really need to with a pin.

No floppy drive.

I tried a repair but using a different CD so I had to enter in that CDs code, but still no help. Later, I found a "reinstall XP" CD that came with my laptop, which originally I thought was a "restore" CD and that is why I avoid that CD at first.

I can hook it up to my network, but what good is it if I can not get Windows started to get a new copy of userinit.exe in system32?

Please, does anyone have any suggestions other than a format?

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by Tig2 In reply to USERINIT.EXE Gone on Lapt ...

Can you load the appropriate file to a USB drive and install it from there?

Just an odd thought.

Good luck!

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Good thought but...

by BorgInva In reply to USB???

Good thought but I do not have any USB devices and I do not think any would even load in Recovery Console from the CD, but I can not try anyway.

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Problem Solved

by BorgInva In reply to USERINIT.EXE Gone on Lapt ...

When I did the repair from the CD, it apparently copied a new userinit.exe but in the dllcache of system32. I copied that file over and my laptop booted normally. Had dozens of updates to redo because of the repair, but all seems fine again. This time, I told Spybot to accept the file and never ask again.
Thanks for all suggestions.

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Glad you were able to fix it

by Tig2 In reply to Problem Solved

Absolutely hate the fact that Windows is capable of snacking on it's own files- even if this time it had help.

Better a few updates than an entire rebuild, I guess.

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by BorgInva In reply to Glad you were able to fix ...

Glad I did not have to go messing with drivers last night.

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boot from disk

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to USERINIT.EXE Gone on Lapt ...

Boot your laptop from the xp cd.On the first screen with options , select repair.This will take you into the command prompt screen.Type chkdsk and press return.The type chkdsk /p as it will request to procedd.When this process completes , reboot the laptop.If it works you will have enough time to delete the spybot trojan and happy days.If it fails to boot, your screwed.This process will repair all windows files,but if the trojan imported enough viruses this will not work.I am an i.t. technican and i have had no luck in getting rid of this trojan but i know that it is caused by lack of software updates.I would suggest install sp2 as it has a built in firewall.I had xp sp1 with norton firewall 2006 and it still destroyed my computer.

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I Do Have...

by BorgInva In reply to boot from disk

SP2 all updates, AVs and firewalls, spywares, etc. Spybot just recognize userinit.exe as a Trojan, but the file is not. Still sees it as one even from the new copy the CD's repair put in dllcache, but not in system32 which I had to do myself.
So it is not a case of a virus, but all because Spybot misreads the file.
My laptop is updated with everything installed, plus weekly scans from online virus sites. Only the Spybot Resident sees it wrong, and the accidental deletion by my 18 month old, took care of all my login problems. Even the copy right off the CD from dllcache ponce I booted up, Spybot sees it as a bad file again.
Thanks for the ideas though but I did try them earlier too.

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