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    Username changed by Windows

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    I’m using Windows 10 Pro.

    I had to re-install my OS due to a hard disk sudden failure with not a single prior signal of expected failure and crash after a Windows update.

    I was running SMART drive checks on every startup and never got any failures until the apocalypse.

    I downloaded the latest ISO, made a boot USB flash disk, and used their digital registered key database to re-install. I got caught into doing the installation with a login to my Microsoft Account, and I don’t think I should have done that.

    It changed my default username, creating a new one. It also did a whole bunch of changes I never would have wanted had I been given the option (like default folder locations and default “recommended” apps). I also noticed that they removed a lot of previously available apps from their Store.

    I had lot’s of stuff installed, downloads, documents, and photos under my previous default username. I’m trying to save environments, frameworks, configurations, and prior installation settings but that new user messes up everything.

    New program installations are going into paths with the new name and can’t find locations that were made with the old one. I can’t even just add the old locations to the PATH. There are APP DATA locations that the old installs can’t find.

    I can’t understand why Microsoft does this stuff? Why can’t they leave old paths and user folders alone, old configurations and settings one took maybe years to refine? On their official user community forums I was told I can use both the old and new user names, but it just doesn’t work. I’d like to avoid having to start a new clean installation from scratch again if possible.

    Is there anything I can do to salvage this?

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