Users accidently delete files

By Walid AlMoselhy ·
One of the most painful problems I've in my network is that users accidently delete files from the server, I tried denying the delete files access in ACL but this also made all the programs unable to save files, is there a way (or a program)that disable file deletion in windows explorer, or adds a higher security level before deleing a file, yet at the same time allows new files to created and allows old files to be modified (but not deleted)

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Read Only

by John.Cuocci In reply to Users accidently delete f ...

Not sure how your setup but you could set a folder up to be Read Only. This would force the users to do a save as on the file thus not allowing a file to be deleted or over writtern.

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I need overwriting

by Walid AlMoselhy In reply to Read Only

I can't set the folder to read only as I need the files to be overwritten uppon updating them

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How are they deleting them? <NT>

by Kenone In reply to Users accidently delete f ...
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From the Exlorer

by Walid AlMoselhy In reply to How are they deleting the ...

They delete the file by hitting the delete botton on their keyboard and the continue to press enter when the are you sure message appear

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two things

by StealthWiFi In reply to From the Exlorer

Setup Shadow Copy on your server for the shares in question and train your users not to delete files.

This will give them the option if they accidently delete it to restore from a previous version (I have 3 versions made a day 8am noon and 5pm) if they need it from a diffrent time then tough luck they should not have delted it.

Your users need to take responsability for their actions and not depend on the "magic admin" to fix all their woes that they cause. They delete the important file then they are showing their lack of skill for their position and need training or to be let go.

Adding the Shadow Copy gives them a last chance to recover gracefully from THEIR mistake and not take it out on you.

Yah you could set it up to take a shadow every 60min or 30min but that will kill your drives and hog proccess cycles if you have any decent number of files on the share.

A bit of friendly advice, explain to your manager this is the best solution available and the users are just going to need more training, be strong and don't let them push you around.

(or bend over and buy a copy of EnCase to take down and image the servers to recover their file every time they screw up)


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I agree, users SHOULD bear the responsibility ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to two things

Otherwise you might as well set up a Chimps' Tea Party and save on all those salaries.

Pressing the 'Delete' key is a conscious effort and an action that you cannot repeatedly put down to being an accident.

If the SysAdmin panders to every whim of a user, they will spend the majority of their working day chasing their own tail. If the user cannot resist the temptation to press the delete key - delete the user, and get one with more self control (and a better understanding of responsibility).

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Well, it's not too difficult

by neilb@uk In reply to Users accidently delete f ...

I you remove the Modify right to the folder, the users can't delete the files but can still write to them. This can cause problems with applications that create and delete temporary files - Excel, Word, etc,

To get around this, you should set the CREATOR and OWNER virtual accounts to have modify rights to the folder. The down side to doing this is that users will be able to delete files which they create - but, at least, not ones that they don't own.

Personally, I'd slap the users up the side of the head with a keyboard if they were mine!


Neil :)

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ah ha

by StealthWiFi In reply to Well, it's not too diffic ...

The old keyboard whack, true management techniques that work!!!

+1 on that Neil!

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