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    Users changing their IE lan settings


    by shawnj985 ·

    I have some users who log into our windows 2000 server
    from their windows 2000 pro. – sp4 PCs. They need to access
    the Internet via their PCs (we have a dsl access) as well as
    a secure site via VPN software, so the users need to be able
    to change their automatic configuration settings (Tools, Internet Options …, Connection tab, Lan Settings)

    In other words, they should be able to check off the “Use automatic configuration script” box
    to utlize the address that is entered and uncheck this box to access
    the Internet when not using the VPN software to access the
    secure site.

    Unfortunately, I have not found an easy way to do this other than upgrade
    their group membership from “domain users” to “domain admins.”
    This obviously create other security issues.

    Can someone give me a solution to my problem. thanks.

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      by p.j.hutchison ·

      In reply to Users changing their IE lan settings

      Are the settings greyed out when they login as a user?
      You can set some settings via GPO when logged into the domain.
      You could give then Power User rights on their machines (NEVER use Domain Admin), you can make them local Administrators (these can be set via Restricted groups in GPOs)
      To make all users Powers Users make Users a member of Power Users.

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