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User?s Cooperation in a project

By Msh ·
How to make User's Cooperation in a project very effective and your project plan will be go in its right way?.I think this is a main key issue in any project.

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Every project is unique.

by Gaspar Pacheco In reply to User?s Cooperation in a p ...

There's no a "main key" for all the plan projects. Certainly user's cooperation is so important, however, well know slls about extract the real problem from the user's information is as important as their cooperation.

So, a constant tracking overthe plan, have enough ability to anticipate situations on project, establish correct contingency rules, etc., etc.

Depending on the project type you must consider which aspect is more important others but, not all the projects are the same.

Infact, if only one aspect were the most important, where is the worth of project management?

Please, tell what do you think about it?

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by wwtapp In reply to User?s Cooperation in a p ...

I think that early buy-in can only be accomplished through timely and effective communication. If the stake holders need to cooperate with you to make the project a success, the make sure that they have a say in what the project plan will be. Also, make sure that the user has some responsibility. This solidifies the their commitment to the plan, because they have a real stake is what is going on.

Lastly, make sure that you communicate changes regularly and in a standard way. If you don'tlet them know what is going on, or they don't understand it, they may be resistive to the change being implemented.

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User should think they drive project

by davidpmartin In reply to User?s Cooperation in a p ...

All of my (sometimes too) successful IT projects were a direct result of taking a LOT of time to get the primary users to take ownership of the project. Once you get the users (to especially include there bosses) excited about the project, assumingyou have the right technology guys on board - the rest is, as they say, easy. I once received over $240,000 to spend on a network project because I conducted a demo to show the users and their bosses were if they didn't get this equipment in, that the project would be an unqualified failure (and all of them would look bad in the process). Another project was successful because we used a rapid development approach where we would sit in meetings and "guide" users through the requirements process, then develop a quick demo, get some feedback, and continue the process until the project was complete. Also, when you are rolling out a new IT project, if you are there to constantly "hold-their-hands" - and you the IT guy take charge of the training - my experience has been that users NEVER forget that and because that is so rare in the IT world, you have make friends for life - and if they are top management, you now can do no wrong. Funny, but it has worked like a charm for me.

Hope this helps

Dave Martin

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