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    Users drive mappings disappear


    by diggerb ·

    We are running Netware 4.11 SP9.

    Users will start complaining that their drive mappings have disappeared, then when someone tries to log in, they can’t. This is then often followed by the server freezing and having to be power cycled to restart it. Sometimes I can shut it down cleanly other times the shutdown process will start, get as far as shutting down the router and then it freezes.

    I have checked all the logs and there are no entries written to any of them about the time this happens. As the server does not abend, no abend log is created.

    The only application running on the server is Symantec anti-virus but this is configured to only perform overnight scanning and does no on Access scanning.

    Any ideas on the cause?


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      Reply To: Users drive mappings disappear

      by pierrejamme ·

      In reply to Users drive mappings disappear

      I was hoping someone else would help uou out as I am unfamiliar with Norton.
      We use Mcafee to only scan inbound files and do a complete scan on Sunday, for what it is worth.

      Do you get the same thing if Norton is unloaded? This is worth a shot as you are unlikely to get a virus that will infect NetWare anyway, other than Hybris.

      Couple of things to try:

      Make sure all mappings are through the login script or the Red “N”.

      Re-install SP9

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