"Users" Folder Has Dissapeared

By jeztheledge ·
I recently bought an external HDD enclosure, so I can take my PC HDD with me to college. The HDD usually runs Windows 7 64bit. I Plugged the HDD into a Win Vista (Bad Idea) Laptop (Bad Idea) at college. To view my files located in the Users/ Directory i had to change ownership and/or permissions to view and edit my files. It came up access denied. And then the folder was gone, i checked hidden files and hidden operating files but no luck. Is this some sort of windows 7 security? How can I Stop This? Thanks For Any Answers

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Let's just be clear here ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to "Users" Folder Has Dissap ...

Are you saying that the Users directory has gone even AFTER you re-fitted the Windows 7 64-bit HD back into your own PC?

Or are you talking about finding it while slaved to a Vista laptop?

Personally, I'd have employed the use of a thumb drive and left the primary HD where it was.

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Sort Of

by jeztheledge In reply to Let's just be clear here ...

I Havent tried it back in my pc at home yet. But i was changing the permissions of the folder on a 32 bit Vista laptop so that i could access my files. (it was definitely there temporarily) While the permissions were changing, a nasty error message/access denied appeared and now the folder is missing. By the way, i would get a pen drive, but i need alot of storage and an external HDD is too costly for me, So an enclosure was the only answer for the moment

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RE: "external HDD is too costly" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Sort Of

IMHO the cost of an external HD might pale into insignificance if it turns out you've wrecked your existing W7 64-bit installation.

My knowledge of Windows Vista would fit on the back of a postage stamp, having gone straight from Windows XP Pro 32-bit to Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

I've never heard of a user ever removing the primary HD, just so's they had a portable drive. That's not the way it happens - your primary drive is the permanent fixture, that way it remains safe and secure. Then if the portable drive gets damaged or corrupted, the primary HD is what you have to fall back on.

As for requiring a "lot of storage", personally I use a 64GB Corsair Flash Voyager thumb drive. They're now available up to 128GB capacity.

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Ok, Can anyone else help?

by jeztheledge In reply to RE: "external HDD is too ...

yes but that is very costly. Can anyone else here help?

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by Jarrett_Faulk In reply to Ok, Can anyone else help?

well taking the HDD with you to and then attempting to set up it as an external drive was a unique choice. If you can make it back home and reinstall and test the HDD on the box and it works i would then setup a FTP with something like Filezilla so that you can access the files remotely via the internet. this means that the computer at your home will always be on or will need to be turned on when you need access. Otherwise i think your might be going up the creek without a paddle. i've never attempted to set up an external drive that housed 2 differnet OS.

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