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    Users getting random lockouts in XP Pro


    by mind537 ·

    I have a small network of 12 workstations and 4 servers. I’m in the process of implementing a Domain Controller to get us out of a workgroup, but in the meantime I’ve run into a problem. After turning on the Account Lockout Policy from LSP settings, users are getting randomly locked out without mistyping their password.

    Duration – 30m
    Threshold – 3 Attempts
    Reset – 30m

    The results are not very consistent, sometimes the user will appear on the welcome menu and it will tell you the account is locked, or the user completely disappears and is replaced by the administrator account, which is usually invisible. After going into Computer Management I can unlock the account from user properties, but this is obviously an unwanted burden, running around to different workstations to unlock them 1 or 2 times a day. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this without hindering the security?

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      by mind537 ·

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      Duplicate accounts

      by cmiller5400 ·

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      This could be caused by an account with the same name on another machine with a different password trying to access the locked out machine for some reason.

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        Could Be

        by mind537 ·

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        Never thought of that, makes sense though. That’s certainly the biggest drawback of a workgroup is the lack of a consolidated user library. I’m going to look into that, thanks for the response.

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